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1. Acceptance of Service Agreement / Terms & Conditions
1.1 Contracting the services of Hot Tree Self-Publishing (HTSP) implies acknowledgment and acceptance of the company's service agreement as detailed in this document.

2. Rights and Confidentiality
2.1 The copyright, together with all publishing rights, in the Work, shall remain the property of the client. HTSP acquires no rights of ownership to the Work under this agreement.

2.2 This project and any information, whether oral or written, disclosed by the client will be kept confidential at all times.

3. Delivery of Work
3.1 The client will complete all payments for services selected in advance and will deliver the Work in Word.doc format by email to

3.2 HTSP set appointments on a first come, first served basis. You must return the service agreement and pay a deposit to HTSP to secure your spot.

4. Payments & Refunds
4.1 For all packages booked with HTSP, a *refundable $300USD deposit (excluding GST) is required to secure scheduled dates.

4.2 Payment for all services must be paid by PayPal in advance of completed content edit.

4.3 The full payment made by the client to HTSP is refundable until the date the client delivers the Work to HTSP or the date of commencement of the selected services. After HTSP has commenced any services, all fees are non-refundable.

4.4 Invoices are payable within 72 hours. Interest will be applied if an alternate payment date is not otherwise arranged, at the late-fee rate of 5 percent per week of the total invoice fee (plus any already accrued interest), including each week following the invoice date. No interest is due if payment is made by the third day.


4.5 As a business-to-business provider, Hot Tree Self Publishing's prices do not include goods and services tax (10% GST). Taxes will appear as a separate line item in the checkout.

5. Indemnity
5.1 HTSP in no way condones breaches of copyright or plagiarism and has no responsibility for detecting or reporting plagiarized material. While HTSP will make every effort to bring such material to the attention of the client, the client agrees to indemnify HTSP from any and all claims, including legal fees, arising out of any alleged defamation or copyright infringement committed by the client in creating the work.

6. Termination of Agreement
6.1 Either party has the authority to terminate the Agreement at any time, without cause, by giving the other party fourteen (14) days written notice.

6.2 If a minimum of 14 days’ notice of the first contracted service is given by the client, the US$300 deposit will be refunded in full. Failure to provide 14 days’ notice will incur a *cancellation fee of US$300. This fee will be claimed by HTSP from the booking deposit.

6.3. Upon cancellation, HTSP 
secures the right to book a new client in the cancelled scheduled dates.

7. Requests for Re-editing
7.1 Clients agree to resolve any questions, concerns, or disputes regarding the quality of their completed editorial services by formally submitting a written request for a re-edit. This request for a re-edit must specifically outline all questions, concerns, and/or possible editorial errors or omissions so that HTSP's editors may clearly address, respond to, and/or correct the areas of concern on the Client's behalf as quickly and professionally as possible.

7.2 Clients request for a review and re-edit applies only to their original text and will be edited according to their original written instructions. Corrections consist of any grammar, spelling, punctuation, editorial changes, or possible mistakes within the final edited work returned to the client by HTSP. Thus, it does not include any additional re-editing, changes, additions or alterations made by the client after delivery of all levels of editing services. (That would create a new document and require a new editing project to be ordered.)

8. Extensive Edit Clause

8.1 If the editing revision percentage is higher than twenty (20) %, an additional charge of US$0.002 per word will be charged (excluding GST).


9. Designs and Formatting

9.1 Cover design includes: three (3) Mock covers, three (3) revisions, digital painting, and stock photo.


9.2 Graphics include  3D paperback,  e-book/tablet,  Facebook cover,  Bookmark and  three (3) promos


9.3 Formatting provided is for a paperback and e-book. It includes coordinating typeface & graphics 


9.4 Intellectual Property

Client understands that all nonbrand design elements are only licensed to the client for the purposes of the project and are not the property of the client. Some of the assets used in this design may have been purchased specifically for the use in this project. Any additional use by the client may be breaking the law.


9.5 Clients may not sell or distribute any photographs or design elements created by the designer secured by HTSP outside the scope intended, without prior written consent by the designer.


9.6  Brands, logos, or graphic elements created by the designer secured by HTSP for CLIENT are the property of the client.


9.7 Revisions

The client understands that the designer secured by HTSP is being hired to design graphic elements. Therefore, any requests for revisions to proposed designs may incur additional billable hours outside of the prefaced allotted amount (3), the client is entitled to requesting and seeing that number of designs. Any additional design prototype requests by the client will incur additional fees.


9.8 Once a design prototype finalist has been selected by the client, the final design process will start. Requests to see additional design prototypes beyond the prefaced allotted amount (3 mocks) will incur additional fees.


9.9 Rights to Unused Prototypes

The client has requested the designer secured by HTSP to create a specific deliverable for this project. Work includes only the final, deliverable art, and not any preliminary work or sketches. The designer secured by HTSP reserves the right to reuse preliminary sketches or ideas in future work.


9.10 Portfolio and Credit

The client understands that any design elements created for this project by the designer secured by HTSP may be used in the designer’s portfolio for promotional use. The client and the designer secured by HTSP agree that the client must properly identify the designer secured by HTSP as the creator of this project’s work.


9.11 Changes in Scope

If changes are made to the scope of this project, these changes must be agreed upon by both parties and must be made in writing. If significant changes are being made, either by the client or the designer secured by HTSP, a new contract will be reissued.


9.12 No changes will be made except by the original designer secured by HTSP. File types listed above will be provided upon payment, organised by HTSP. Any changes to these files by any party other than the designer will be considered unlawful.


9.13 License 

Upon payment completion (organised by HTSP), the client will hold full license to all files/designs within the perimeter of the final proof. The PROJECT may be utilized on commercial products, web products, and promotional items at the discretion of the client. No production limit will be applied.

10. Promotion

10.1 Clients are required to forward by e-mail necessary promotional material in a timely manner. 


10.2 Blog Tour Options include but are not limited to: Review, Excerpt, Book/Work Spotlights, and Promo Posts. Author/Individual/Business and /or Character Interviews, Character castings, and Guest Posts are also available (questions/topics are to be provided by the blog). Additional options provided by the author/individual/business include: Music Playlist, Bonus Scenes, Deleted Scenes, Book Trailers, etc.


10.3 Blogs sign up on a voluntary basis to participate in all events.  If a blog does not post on their scheduled day, Hot Tree Promotions will make every effort to contact the blog and coordinate posting. Hot Tree Promotions is not to be held responsible if a blog fails to post as scheduled.


10.4 Review Requests: positive reviews are not guaranteed. Bloggers are asked if their review is going to be rated at a 3 or below, to not post until after the tour has been completed. Reviewers are asked to give an honest and respectful review.


10.5 Clients are encouraged to actively participate in all events by visiting each stop daily and commenting, sharing and liking the blogs posts. This is a mutually beneficial relationship, so any support you can provide to bloggers is appreciated. 


10.6 All participating bloggers are asked and encouraged to post their reviews on their Blog, Facebook Page, Goodreads and Twitter account. We also request that they post all reviews on whichever purchasing site they use (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc) but this cannot be guaranteed by Hot Tree Promotions.


10.7 Giveaways: Shipping and distribution of all prizes are the sole responsibility of the client. Hot Tree Promotions is in no way responsible for giveaways. Signed books will be INTERNATIONAL unless otherwise specified by the client.


10.8 All giveaways will be set up by Hot Tree Promotions using Rafflecopter. Entry options will include: liking the client's Facebook page, sharing the giveaway on Facebook, adding the book to Goodreads' TBR (as appropriate), following the client's twitter account and tweeting about the giveaway. Additional entry options can be added at the client's request. 


10.9 Hot Tree Promotions will pick all giveaway winners and provide a detailed spreadsheet to the client. It is the responsibility of the client to e-mail and notify each winner of their prize.


11. ISBN Provision
11.1 The client is to provide HTSP with an e-book ISBN and a paperback ISBN. These can be obtained for free from Amazon and CreateSpace, or can be purchased from Thorpe-Bowker. HTSP are not affiliated with any of the aforementioned businesses.

12. Publishing
12.1 It is the client 's responsibility to upload formatted manuscripts to the appropriate sales and/or print sites.

12.2 If pre-orders have been organised, it is the client 's responsibility to upload formatted manuscripts to the appropriate sales sites in time for their release, and by the deadline provided by the sales sites.

13. Client's Responsibility
13.1 HTSP will do everything it can to get manuscripts corrected and ready for publication as quickly and accurately as possible. However, please note that careful proofreading, post final edit or proofread from HTE, is solely the client's responsibility for completeness and accuracy. All editing errors are the ultimate responsibility of the client.

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