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Make Your Manuscript Shine

Our self-publishing package includes:
Pre-Edit Beta Read
Content Edit
Post-Edit Beta Read
Final-Eyes Read

What's even better is that our team 
organises everything for you, ensuring you meet your publication deadline and have the best possible chance of success. 

No single person can edit a book to a standard fit for publication. It takes a whole team of dedicated professionals.

Our package provides everything necessary to ensure you receive the best that editing can offer. 
Just like traditionally published novels, it's essential your book receives the best quality of editing possible. Your novel deserves it, as do your readers.  

With years of experience in book editing, our Hot Tree Editing team is ready to take your manuscript to the next level. At Hot Tree Self-Publishing, we combine our industry knowledge and vast experience to ensure your manuscript is in the best possible shape prior to hitting Publish. We’re proud to have helped shape hundreds of successful and best-selling novels.

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